I was pleasantly surprised by Space Mountain’s twist


Mad Tea Party and Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor are also holiday twisted.

Showtime: Minnie gets her moment

New in the Very Merry lineup is “Minnie’s Wonderful Merry Christmas Wishes   Christmastime Fireworks” show, which replaces the long-running “Holiday Wishes” production. I liked that the explosion that forms boxes – a la Christmas gifts – was retained, and Tinker Bell flying down from Cinderella Castle is a crowd-pleaser. I liked what felt like the finale, and then I liked what was the actual finale, a sky full of lights.

Meanwhile, in the fun-to-say category, allow us to present Jolly Tamale Christmas at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn.

Rides: Holiday twist and shout

Under Disney’s heading of “holiday twist” are a handful of Magic Kingdom attractions that have been rethemed a smidge for the party. The Tomorrowland Speedway has a new approach to its lighting – I’d call the look “geometric retro pop” — and it has added seasonal tunes to the journey. But a roadblock, figuratively speaking, is that the little cars’ engines run so loudly that the music frequently is drowned out. It looks good, though.

Next door, I was pleasantly surprised by Space Mountain’s twist, which alters the usual pitch-black scheme of the roller coaster with flashes of red and green and strobing action. The latter reveals, in microbursts, the rail and the silhouette of the ride. It’s unnerving. There’s a different soundtrack as well. On my ride it was a loud and rockin’ version of “Good King Wenceslas.” Next up: Mickey’s Very Merry Feast of Stephen.

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