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Leading 7 Areas About Schonbrunn Palace Vienna

We locals have all been to the superb inside of Schonbrunn Palace when we were kids. One of the best things to do in Vienna is to visit Schonbrunn Palace, the number one of all Vienna attractions for many travelers.

  1. My loved ones and I have been utilizing the park gardens for a Sunday stroll, particularly the upper part close to Gloriette and the zoo, that will be largely woodland however far from being spooky as similar parts in New York’s Central Park. A few decades ago, I used this area to go jogging on Saturday mornings. It is quite popular with local runners.
  2. Gloriette – My grandparents were excited when the baroque belvedere Gloriette on top of Schonbrunn mountain was refurbished, glazed and turned into a café in the early Nineties. It is an excellent destination to head for when climbing up the hill from the palace. In the spring and summer, it could get very crowded there. My suggestion: Head there thing and then visit the palace using a prepaid ticket to avoid queuing.
  3. Zoo – It does not surprise me that the Schonbrunn Zoo has been given Europe’s Best Zoo at 2010. I had the exact same tendency every since my grandparents took me when I was little. Being the house of hundreds of species, the world’s oldest zoo nestles beautifully to the green slope on the right side of Schonbrunn hill. My three year-old son loved the orangutans, pandas and pelicans and proceeds to discuss the zoo months after we visited.
  4. Marionette theatre – I’m proud to have discovered this jewel of dancing rococo puppets before most of my local buddies. There are separate shorter performances for kids.
  5. Quadrille dance – My six year-old daughter has joined the princess lover club, like a lot of other small girls. Therefore, the best of Vienna for her is to slip to a rococo fashion princess costume and find out the quadrille, one of the most fun society dances that the Imperial children at the court of Empress Maria Theresia had to learn, at princess fairy tale palace Schonbrunn itself. Her teacher was from an expert Viennese dance college. I am sure she’ll recall some of the music and measures will when she will replicate the midnight quadrille at one of our Viennese balls.
  6. It is not quite authentic but builds on the older Tyrol farm house the Habsburgs had assembled there, the Tirolerhof.
  7. Easter and Christmas markets – All these seasonal markets facing Schonbrunn Palace aren’t very in town but worth the short drive because of the fabulous backdrop, the huge illuminated Christmas tree in the winter, and the numerous stalls with tasteful seasonal decorations and delicatessen. The occasional jazz ring at Easter’de-kitsches’ the scene. For winter: Dress warmly to combat the breeze.

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