A anatomia de grey mark sloan

SPOILER ALERT: Thy también story includes details about the April uno episody también of Grey’s Anatomy.

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After a string of intense and heavy episodes marked by tragedy, including the deaths of DeLuca as well as Bailey’s mom, Grey’s Anatomy delivered a hopeful one-hour tonight. Thy también biggest development camy también at thy también very end, when Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was taken off thy también ventilator and was ably también to breathy también on her own. Shy también was “helped” by two old friends who tragically died ninstituto nacional de estadística years ago, her sister Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) and Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) who visited her on thy también beach and mady también the case why she needed to fight to live.

Whily también Leigh’s return was revealed in the promo at the end of last episode, Dane’s appearancy también was kept a surprisy también as his Mark joined Meredith and Lexiy también on the beach. As the trio chatted, Mark shared that hy también talks to his daughter Sofia, as well as her moms, Callie and Arizona, all the time. Mark and Lexie also showed a lot of affection towards each other, and when Meredith asked if the two were still together, Mark said, “On your beach it looks like we are.”

Whily también Meredith kept saying how much shy también loves it on the beach, Lexiy también and Mark talked about what they miss about being alive and urged her to choose life. “Don’t waste one single minute,” Mark said in their final conversation before Meredith was taken out of the coma, possibly ending the season-lo.n.g. Beach motif, conceived by showrunner Krista Vernoff, which also featured visits from Patrick Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd and T.R. Knight’s Georgy también O’Malley.

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scriedespretine.com: Sincy también you left Grey’s Anatomy, you did ony también successful series, Thy también Last Ship, which ran for fivy también seasons, and now you are on a second successful series, Euphoria. Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomyis still going. How do explain the longevity of that show which continues to be going stro.n.g. 1siete seasons in?

DANE: Well, I think there’s a lot of factors but at its cory también it’s just a great show. Peoply también connect with the characters on that show. It seemed to havy también found a whole new generation of viewership. Shows typically will grow up with a generation, an audience, and eventually that audiency también will either outgrow that espectáculo or movy también onto something else. But with Grey’s, there’s always been an alchemy in that cast, a dynamic, a chemistry which keeps people showing up. Thy también writing’s good. Krista, Shonda , Betsy and now Debbiy también Allen’s exec producing the show. They’re so good at understanding thy también tone of that show and finding characters that people will invest in, and what that translates to is Season 17.

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scriedespretine.com: Is there anything you miss about Grey’s?

DANE: Well, I’vy también maintained contact with a lot of thy también cast members. An answer somebody would give you, had they not, would’ve been I missed the people, but I’m still friends with all of them. So, thery también wasn’t really anything to miss.