Adam Levine is as dedicated of a dad as it gets. Not only is he willing to choose time with his two daughters, Dusty Rose & Gio Grace, over his Hollywood career, but he’ll vì chưng just about anything to see his girls smile, including wearing matching dresses with them.

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The Maroon 5 frontman shared the cuthử nghiệm pic of their family donning similar ensembles in April 2021. In the snapshot, Adam, his wife Behati Prinsloo và their tiny tots held hands while sporting pink tie-dye maxi dresses. “Girls just wanmãng cầu have sầu fun,” he adorably captioned the Instagram post.


Seeing photos of the couple’s daughters on social media is very rare considering Adam và Behati are extremely private when it comes khổng lồ their kids. The Voice alum and the brunette beauty have sầu kept a tight lip on their relationship in general since marrying in 2014.

They became even more low-key after welcoming their daughters, however. The duo’s eldest, Dusty Rose, arrived in 2016, followed by Gio Grace in 2018. Fortunately, every now and then, Adam and Behati will give a glimpse inside their family life.

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In addition lớn their dễ thương matching moment, Adam shared a pic of one of his girls holding a butterfly in February 2021. “I believe the future has potential,” he captioned the post. One day earlier, Behati uploaded a filtered selfie with Gio in honor of her birthday, writing, “My bestie turned 3.”

Though the lovebirds keep their family out of the public eye as much as possible, Adam isn’t shy when it comes lớn gushing over his little ones at red carpet events và in interviews. While chatting with Ryan Seacrest during an episode of his radio show in 2016, the “She Will Be Loved” crooner opened up about the difficult but “beautiful experience” of becoming a parent.


“What vày I know? I don’t know anything, but it’s kind of part of the beauty of it, honestly,” he gushed. “There are a lot of instincts, a lot of things that kind of kiông chồng in và switch on.”

Even before he became a dad, Adam marveled over how excited he was to experience fatherhood. “You’re born lớn be a parent, that’s what we’re here for, really,” he told Entertainment Tonight prior lớn Dusty Rose’s birth. “All the other s—t is great, but it’s not what we’re here for.”

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Dusty Rose Levine

The duo gave sầu their daughter quite the unique name, & during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November năm 2016, Adam revealed the TV host helped choose the moniker for their daughter.

“We had a name that we won’t mention on television. The name game is a tough game,” he shared. “Imagine you’re writing the best song you’ve ever written in your life và you have to lớn name it. It’s really screwed up to actually have sầu khổng lồ put yourself through that.”

After coming up with what he thought could be the perfect moniker, the singer “texted Ellen” and asked her opinion. “I was like, ‘What do you think?’ … She was like, ‘I hate it. I think it’s a terrible name.’ I was lượt thích, ‘Cool,"” he hilariously recalled. “She gave me like five names lớn think about: ‘This, this, this, this, Dusty.’ So basically named my kid.”


Gio Grace Levine

Gio was born five months after the supermã sản phẩm revealed her pregnancy on Instagram in September 2017. Behati posed in the mirror in a bikini with her baby bump front và center. “ROUND 2 … ,” she captioned the post.

Like Dusty, Gio also has a beautiful and uncommon moniker. Though her name is spelled “Gio,” Elle reported it’s actually pronounced as “Geo.”