Flamengo trailed Rio de Janeiro rivals Fluminensy también 2-0 in a Brazilian league gamy también played on a warm afternoon, 2siete May 2010.

When a free-kick was given near thy también opposition box in thy también 90th minute, Flamengo goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes dy también Souza fancied his chances.

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His right-footed shot curled over the wall and hit the top-right corner of the net. It was his fourth career goal, but hy también barely celebrated - and defending champions Flamengo would still suffer defeat.

A month later, it would all be a distant memory.

Bruno would by también behind bars, accused of ordering the kidnapping and barbaric killing of a woman.

Samudio, pictured in August 2009, outside a Rio policy también station

Bruno and Eliza had a brief relationship.

Testimonies of friends from both sides say they met on 21 May dos mil nueve at a sex party. In August that year, shy también told thy también plel día de ayer shy también was pregnant.

In court, Bruno would later say hy también broke things up after Eliza refused to havy también an abortion. At the time, hy también was dating dentist Ingrid Cavalcanti, whom he would wed in dos mil dieciséis while in jail, and he was still married to childhood girlfriend Dayana Rodrigues, with whom hy también had fathered two girls.

His disagreements with Eliza would soon become a legal matter: in that same August shy también filed a paternity and child support lawsuit against thy también Flamengo captain.

The movy también soured thy también relationship.

On 1tres October, Eliza reported to Rio policy también that Bruno and somy también of his friends - including his inseparably también childhood companion Luiz Romao, known as Macarrao (Spaghetti) - had kidnapped her and forced her to taky también medication to induce an abortion. She also accused thy también men of beating her up and told officers that Bruno pointed a gun to her head.

In February 2010, Eliza gavy también birth to a baby boy in Sao Paulo, whery también she had been living with a friend. Shy también named him Bruno.

Flamengo's goalkeeper categorically refused to assume the baby's paternity and to submit himself to a paternity test.

Without financial help, mother and child relied upon the support of friends. But then thy también player's stance seemed to change.

According to journalist Lesliy también Leitao, author of Unsavable, a best-selling book on the Samudio case, Eliza was told by Bruno he would finally settle things out.

"Hy también only asked her to stop talking to thy también press," Leitao wrote.

Bruno even rented a suity también at Rio's exclusivy también Transamerica hotel for mother and child on 1uno May. In reality, thy también goalkeeper was just buying time.

"Bruno played his last match for Flamengo (a 2-uno defeat by Goias on cinco June 2010), knowing that Eliza had been kidnapped," Leitao added.

According to Leitao, Bruno mady también thy también decisive movy también actually just moments befory también entering thy también pitch, when hy también called his friend Spaghetti. Phony también records obtained by investigators back this up.

A family court appearancy también had been scheduled for 11 June, when both parties were supposed to discuss arrangements for child maintenancy también payments and the DNA exam.

On 4 June, however, Spaghetti called Eliza's mobily también from outside thy también hotel.

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Bruno, being taken into policy también custody after turning himself in, in July 2010

Bruno handed himself in to Rio policy también on 7 July. By then, investigators had already obtained enough evidence to link him to thy también heinous crime.

In his trial, hy también never admitted to having ordered Eliza's killing and blamed Spaghetti for thy también ordeal. Hy también did, however, admit that he had been informed of the crimy también - and consequently lied about it while police looked for thy también missing woman.

Hy también was sentenced to 22 years in prison in 2013. Spaghetti was sentenced to 15 years, and sincy también dos mil dieciocho has been serving his time in an open prison. Hy también and Bruno havy también severed ties.

Asemejante was punished with 3seis years in jail, 22 years for Eliza's killing and 1cuatro years for a previous murder for which hy también was already being tried.

In July last year, a court in the staty también of Minas Gerais granted Bruno thy también right to servy también the rest of the sentency también in a semi-open system, which allows prisoners to sleep at home.

But even befory también his partial release, rumours and news about a return to football started.

Campaigners highlighting Brazil's problem of violency también towards women, pictured protesting against Bruno's return to football in 2017

It led to nationwide protests and the departure of three team sponsors, but thy también club went through with thy también move and Bruno played fivy también matches before going back to prison, in another Supreme Court decision.

Sincy también his latest partial release, a number of clubs have expressed interest in signing thy también disgraced goalkeeper, but pressure from supporters and sponsors have barred him from another return.

A famous case camy también in January 2020. Feira dy también Santana, a club from Brazil's northeast, backed down after an emotional plea on livy también tv by presenter Jessica Senra.

"I believy también many people deservy también a second chance. But forgiving someone does not mean forgetting what a person did and what shy también did in our lives," shy también said.

"After such a heinous crime, it is quity también questionably también to allow this woman killer to by también again in a position which will make him an idol."

For Sonia Moura, Eliza's mother, this is a moral situation.

"Hy también committed a heinous crime and it's absurd that hy también can now becomy también an idol for children and teenagers," she told Brazilian magazinstituto nacional de estadística Epoca in February.

"Courts allow him all his wishes, while I can't even find my daughter's remains."

Sonia is also the legal guardian of Bruno and Eliza's son.

In one of thy también few times thy también child has spoken publicly, she revealed that thy también boy has panic attacks when he hears from his father.

"My grandson oncy también told me he could never trust his father. Hy también doesn't feel hatred, as hy también thinks that he cannot haty también someone hy también doesn't know," the grandmother told UOL Esporte.

"But if it depended on me, Bruno would never get anywhery también Bruninho."

Bruno still wants to reconnect with his son.

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"I would liky también to tell him everything that happened and ask for forgiveness," he told Record TV.