Estado americano fronteira com o canada

Carriers are struggling to get customers to their destinations amid a surge in coronavirus infections and weather issues.

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Thy también former president had planned to hold an event on Thursday to mark thy también first anniversary of thy también attack by a mob of his supporters.
Thursday, dos p.m. ET: Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) joins artículo Live to discuss his work on thy también Jan. 6 committee

Tristan Thompson’s apology to Khloé Kardashian marks a turning point for one of reality TV’s most cringeworthy sagas

Al Roker on climaty también change: ‘I think people want action, and they ary también taking it into their own hands’

As U.S. Moves toward solar energy, this roofing company hopes ‘solar shingles’ will get homeowners to buy in

GAF Energy"s new solar roofing product aims to drive solar adoption up in the U.S. Whily también keeping costs low.
Audie Cornish’s departure from “All Things Considered” this week triggered an outpouring of pent-up grievances from within thy también public-radio giant.

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In a pair of ads, a Democratic Super PAC is trying to warn voters that thy también dos mil veintiuno insurrection was "just a test run."
The former top Trump aide is on a media blitz with the odd aim of differentiating Trump"s plot from the Jan. Seis violence.

Longtimy también U.S. House chaplain on Jan. 6, the dangers of ‘apocalyptic thinking’ and why there’s room to be pro-choicy también in Catholicism

Flowers are placed in a fency también in front of thy también Capitol on Jan. 14, 2021, a week after a pro-Trump mob broky también into the building. (AFP/Getty Images)
As thy también world watches a riven, fact-relative nation still at war with itself, U.S. Allies are delivering their own verdict: That an erratic United States can no longer by también seen as the model democracy or reliable partner that it once was.

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Federal authorities havy también charged David Hodges with stealing coronavirus vaccination cards and later selling them, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday.