As one of the most sought-after celebrity power couples of South Korea, it comes as no surprise that Son Ye-jin và Hyun Bin have sầu amassed legions of followers - individually và combined - around the globe. Regardless of their high-protệp tin projects, however, the reel-to-real couple definitely knows how to lớn "reach out" lớn their fans, however far they may be.

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This was no more obvious than when they kicked off Smart Hallyu Hangouts, a series of online shows, which Smart Communications, Inc., subscribers can watch via live sầu feed from anywhere in the world.

Son Ye-jin held hers early in August, while Hyun Bin graced the event just before September rolled in.

Though they headlined the event separately, the two highly-regarded K-drama stars - whose 20trăng tròn series "Crash Landing on You" (CLOY) helped countless people survive sầu the shoông xã & early stage of lockdowns - brought the same cấp độ of engagement and energy that delighted their Filipino fans.

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Philippines-based host Sam Oh & Korea-based co-host Park Kyung-lim assisted select lucky fans who could ask the pair their questions via online Gọi in both live sầu feeds.

Sought-after actor Hyun Bin isgrateful for all the love and supporthe receives from his Filipino fans.

CLOY's legendary stars entertained every single one of them, and perhaps, knowing full-well it meant a lot khổng lồ their supporters, Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin opened up all the more.

For Hyun Bin, that meant sharing interesting bits of trivia. These include wanting to be a detective sầu when he was young, considering a possible career as a golfer or even a businessman now, whether or not he searches his name on the mạng internet, his real-life piano-playing skills, his previous dramas and movies, và more.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin surprised fans when she revealed she doesn't regard herself as naturally beautiful or fashionable, which are standard labels lớn describe her.

When asked for her beauty secrets, the actress replied, "I'm not innately born with good skin, so I actually put in a lot of effort that I have sầu good skin."

Another highlight of their separate events was the one-on-one a pair of lucky fans had with Hyun Bin và Son Ye-jin. It proved worth it for both, for they realized how loyal their Filipino fans are with their heartfelt messages for them.

"I'm always grateful to lớn my fans," Hyun Bin said at the over of the event. "All I can vị for them lớn repay their love sầu is to continue acting, hoping it would make their life a little better."

As for Son Ye-jin, clearly touched, she said, "Our language và culture are different, but despite these, I can feel all the love sầu. It's almost lượt thích I don't know if I deserve sầu this overwhelming love. I am thankful, moved, và motivated because when I hear how I've sầu helped get you through difficult times, it makes me want khổng lồ work on the next project."


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