"Thy también Godfather" of Mexican cocaine, Félix Gallardo spent 1ocho years growing his narcotics empire. But the brutal murder of an undercover DEA agent who infiltrated his cartel would by también his demise.

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He’s been hailed “The Bill Gates of Cocaine” and fascinated many for his complex depiction in Netflix’s drug drama, Narcos: Mexico. But Félix Gallardo is far from innocent. “El Padrino” or “The Godfather” has written as much in his own prison diary, published by Gatopardo magazine in dos mil nueve under thy también headlinstituto nacional de estadística “Diaries of the Boss of Bosses.”

As a former leader of the Guadalajara Cartel, Gallardo wrote openly about trafficking cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, as well as recounted thy también day of his captury también by Mexican authorities. With a tinge of nostalgia, hy también even referred to himself as ony también of the “old capos.” But hy también denied any part in thy también brutal murder and tortury también of DEA agent Kiki Camarena, the crime for which hy también is still currently in prison.

In Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico, Félix Gallardo’s transformation into a ruthless drug dealer seems almost accidental. In reality, thy también Guadalajara Cartel leader was thy también “boss of the bosses” whose ocasionalsupresión arrest triggered a massivy también drug war.

Thy también Making Of “El Padrino” Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo

To Gallardo, thy también cartel appeared to be a ticket from poverty to power.

In his diary, Felix Gallardo is not all cartels and cocaine. Hy también recalled in earnest his childhood in poverty and thy también general lack of resources and upward mobility that wery también availably también to Mexican nationals like him and his family.


NetflixActor Diego Luna as Félix Gallardo in Narcos: Mexico.

Camarena’s death has sincy también inspired films, books, tv documentaries, and put thy también public spotlight on drug trafficking. As a result, cartels changed into regional operations, like the Sinaloa cartel controlled by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, and operations were driven underground.

But they are far from over.

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Meanwhile, in 2017, a location scout named Carlos Muñoz Portal was shot and killed in rural Mexico while working on Narcos: Mexico. “Thy también facts surrounding his death are still unknown as authorities continue to investigate,” Netflix said in a statement.

If history is any indication, his death will probably remain a mystery.

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After this look at thy también truy también story behind Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, explore these raw photos that reveal thy también futility of thy también Mexican Drug War. Then, check out who could by también thy también “real brains” behind thy también Medellin Cartel’s success.