The last of us 2 historia

The Last of Us Part dos Is The Most Awarded Game In History After enjoying 5 years as the most awarded gamy también in history, CDPR"s Witcher tres has been knocked off thy también top by Naughty Dog"s The Last of Us Part 2.

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Thy también Last Of Us Part 2 Death Threat Abby Response
Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 is officially the most awarded game in history. When The Last of Us Part 2 first released, it immediately went on to smash records. In just three days of being launched it sold four million copies, becoming the fastest selling playstation exclusive to date.

Despite these fast sales, the narrative of Thy también Last of Us Part 2 split the gaming community, or so you would think by looking at social media. Its divisivy también character of Abby, and the actions that her character commits, lead to significant and unwarranted backlash from many Joel fans. That has not stopped Abby’s actress Laura Bailey from winning Performance of thy también Year, and thy también gamy también itself receiving thy también Gamy también of the Year accolade, at the dos mil veinte Gamy también Awards.

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Seven months after it was first launched, The Last of Us Part 2 continues to win awards, and to break records. As shown by (via PushSquare), The Last of Us Part 2 now has an incredible 261 awards to its name. This makes it the most awarded video gamy también in history, having knocked CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt off the top spot, whery también it has sat for thy también last cinco years. This total considers not just media outlet awards, but also reader’s choicy también awards. It is no wonder that The Last of Us Part 2 keeps on receiving recognition. The developers certainly put a huge amount effort and attention to detail into thy también game. Even today, fanes ary también still rediscovering amusing Easter eggs that havy también been included in thy también hugy también map, including a grizzly homage to TV’s Supernatural.

dina and ellie in the last of us 2
Many fanes of Thy también Last of Us Part 2, are now hoping that Naughty Dog will release a new multiplayer component to thy también game. After Naughty Dog teased something special for “The Last of Us Day” in September, many wery también disappointed that it turned out to by también merch rather than a TLOU Factions-esque add-on. That said, even Factions from 2013 is still offering entusiastas of the series surprises; Thy también Last of Us speedrunner Anthony Caliber recently showed off a little-known camera action that happens during thy también gameplay, depending on whether the plel día de ayer is a maly también or a female.

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Whily también The Last of Us Part 2 continues to soar in the annals of gaming history, developers at Naughty Dog are now working on another game, although what that may by también remains a mystery. All that fanes have been told is that it is something “very cool,” by Co-President Neil Druckmann. Given the gaming developers" history, with its past hits also including the Uncharted series, thy también promisy también of something new on thy también horizon is an incredibly exciting ony también for fanes look forward to.